Jade Crompton

Jade Crompton is a Liverpool based designer specialising in Ceramics and Digital Design.


Her practice involves the research into the integration of digital technologies and ceramic mould making.


Her work combines the traditional mould making and slip casting techniques with the new digital technologies including 3D digital modelling, 3D printing and laser-cutting to produce new and contemporary ceramic collections.

Jade’s current collection was inspired by earth’s natural formations such as rock, ice and lava.


Her work begins as a 3D digital model in Solidworks which is then spilt into layers, they are then laser cut from Perspex sheets, layered up and glued. This solid model is then used for the mould making process.


Jade used semi porcelain for casting and then sprays the fired casting with coloured underglazes, she keeps some matte for the raw beauty of the colour and texture, and some glazed rendering them waterproof.

Her latest project involes 3D printing models for producing her plaster moulds, which allows her to design more freely producing more detailed works much more quickly.


She has also developed an entirely new method of mould making which has been critically acclaimed within the 3D printing industry.


Using 3D printed moulds designed around the finished product 3D model she can produce multiple plaster moulds for casting.


Thereby creating a mass production line for moulds solving timing concerns, accomodating for complex designs and a need for multiples of a single mould for varied slip coloured castings.