In the world of Diana, elephants are not often grey ...

After twenty exhibitions in Paris, New York, Miami and Monaco, where her bronze elephant "Woody" received the "Prix du public" 2016, Diane d'Amico imagines the first 3D prints of her works at the on the occasion of the "Échappées Sauvages" exhibition in June 2017 at the Fondation de Monaco, Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris.

Blue Diane King or Turquoise, Evening Rose, Ivory Hope or Mouse Gray, today Woody the Elephant dreams about High Technology.

A limited series of 12 unique pieces printed in 3D in PLA (recyclable polymer) and ballasted in Plaster
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Elephants N°1/12 et 2/12  Bleu de Diane Roi (vendus) (Blue)

Elephants N°3/12 et 4/12 Gris Souris (Grey)

Elephants N°5/12, 6/12 et 7/12 Rose du Soir (Rose)

Elephants N°8/12 (vendu), 9/12 et 10/12 Turquoise (Turquoise)

Elephants N°11/12 et 12/12  Ivoire d'Espoir (Ivory)

'From Nothing Do Everything'

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